Welcome to our Renegade Guru yoga wear online shop! If you are looking for the best yoga shirt, yoga tank or yoga pants for men, we have got you covered. Made by yogis for yogis.

Renegade Guru men’s yoga pants

At Renegade Guru Conscious Yoga Active Wear, we make it easy for you to transition from your everyday life to your yoga practice and back. Our yoga pants and yoga shorts are made especially for men. They give you all the room to move comfortably without restriction. The Arjuna long yoga pants are made in such a way that they will fit even the tallest men, but still look good if you are not super tall.

Renegade Guru men’s yoga tees and tanks

Our yoga shirts are soft and breathable, so they are the perfect match for even the sweatiest yoga practices and workouts. Some of our yoga tees are made with an organic cotton and bamboo mix which is dry-fit and has great anti-sweat-smell properties. All of our yoga tops have great soft feel (so even for very sensitive skin), and have no itchy labels. That is a promise!

Yoga, workout or chill mode

The simple, yet hip designs will make you want to wear them both on and off the mat. So most of our customers will start wearing their Renegade Guru clothes while lounging around the house, at the gym and chilling on the beach.

Organic and fair men’s yoga wear

All Renegade Guru yoga active wear is ethically made from certified organic cotton (GOTS) with respect to the environment and humans. Our garments are made by factories that we personally visit and have worked with for years.

Our Production

Apart from all the necessary certifications, we also know and trust these people. Because we go to their homes and share meals together. We know that the workers are treated very well and are happy to make our products. So a lot of love goes into making them. From our designers in Amsterdam, to our factories in Turkey and Portugal, all of our Renegade Guru team is committed to making our yoga wear the very best it can be.

Choose Green

Renegade Guru is making it easier to choose sustainable, fair and organic yoga clothing, without compromising your style or budget. So, we’re hip, honest and affordable. You can shop your yoga clothes here in our online yoga shop, or find us at selected retailers across Europe.


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