Not satisfied with your purchase? Within 14 days after purchase, you can inform us about your return. After informing us you have another 14 days to send the package to our warehouse. After we have received your package we will send you the new item or we will credit you the amount, including the shipping cots* (*when you return the full order). We will do so within 14 days after the notification, provided that your return has been received in time. The costs of the return will be for you, we will pay for the shipment of the new item. We can only process your return when we have received the items in good, decent condition and is not worn, along with a proof of purchase. When the product is in such as state that we cannot resell the item, we will charge you half the retail price.

How does the Renegade Guru return process work?

Step 1

Send an email to [email protected] to inform us you want to return an item. Please download the return form below and fill this out. Please make sure you put down your original order number, which product you are sending back (including the SKU number which you will find on your packing list) and if you want to exchange the item (if yes, for what product) or if you want your money back.

Renegade Guru return form

Step 2

Add the return form to your package and send it to the address below, preferably with a track and track code. Renegade Guru is not responsible for any lost returned packages that were not sent with a track and trace code. Therefore, we cannot treat items that have not arrived in our warehouse as a return. We are also not responsible for any packages send to a wrong address, you are responsible to get to correct address on the package.

This is the address you need to send your return package:

Active Ants / Renegade Guru
Zeelandhaven 6 3433PL Nieuwegein
The Netherlands

Step 3

When you package has arrived in the warehouse your product will be checked and when everything is in the original state, the warehouse will let us know. We will make you a new order for the exchange or we will credit you the money. In both cases, you will receive a confirmation email. If the new item has a higher price than the original product, we will ask you to pay the difference. In case the product is cheaper than the original product, we will credit you the difference. When we have received the payment of the difference we will ship your exchange order. There is a 7-10 working days processing period for credit notes. You will get an automated confirmation email when we have transferred the money to your bank account. Please keep in mind that it differs per bank when the money is on your account, this can take up to 1 or 2 days after the confirmation from us.

The costs for sending an item back to us on you and not refundable. When we send you (a) replacing item(s), we will take care of the shipping costs. We want to stimulate awareness when it comes to sending parcels. Every parcel you and we send has an impact on the environment. If you are unsure about a product or a size, please contact us and we will gladly assist you in any way, so you can make the best choice. This way we can avoid unnecessary sending of parcels.