Yoga At Home: 5 Tips For Your Best Home Yoga Practice Ever

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Doing yoga at home as many perks – it’s (mostly) free, you don’t have to leave your house and nobody cares what yoga clothes you’re wearing. There’s one big challenge though: how do you practice yoga at home without constantly being distracted? We have 5 tips for you to make the best of your home yoga practice.

Yoga at home without distractions: 5 tips for your best home yoga practice ever

Imagine this: after a long workday, it’s finally time for a calming yoga session. You roll out your mat and take a deep breath in. But before you can even breathe out, someone’s at the door. Or you get a text. Or your kids crave your attention. Practicing yoga at home can be quite the challenge. But especially in hectic, unpredictable times like these, practicing yoga on a regular basis has lots of benefits. We have 5 tips for you that make your home yoga practice a little easier.

Choose your spot wisely

Do you live with a partner, have kids running around or would your dog just love to join you on the mat? Prevent those kinds of distractions by choosing your yoga spot wisely. Really make it your own space, and let your family or roommates know that you don’t want to be disturbed for a while. Close the door if you can and enjoy some quiet.

Get the right yoga props

When you’re at a yoga studio, you can usually grab whatever you need for class. But your home yoga practice can really benefit from some extra props, too. Invest in a high quality yoga mat, a couple of yoga blocks, or a soft bolster – depending on your style of yoga, different props come in handy. Have all items close by so you don’t have to interrupt your practice to go look for that one thing you need.

Set the mood

Did you ever walk into a yoga studio and immediately felt calmer? That’s the kind of atmosphere you want to create for your home yoga practice. Dim the lights, put on some calming music or maybe some candles and turn your home into your private yoga studio. Try to figure out what gets you in the mood for yoga and make it part of the ritual.

Start with meditation

When practicing yoga at home, we tend to rush things – rolling out the mat, ready, let’s go! Why? At any yoga studio, you would start in a calm way: usually sitting on your mat or bolster, paying attention to your breath. Taking time to really arrive on your mat. Do a short meditation. A chant maybe. Easy into it. A slow start makes it easier to really focus on your yoga practice. No need to rush.

Take your time

This one is important: really take your time. There’s no rush. Before you start, set an intention about how long you want to practice, and then stick to that. You wouldn’t leave a full length class at a yoga studio after 20 minutes, right? Give yourself the time and space to enjoy your practice. If you have trouble practicing by yourself, follow a yoga video – but there’s no stopping halfway through, eh?

There you have it, our tips for practicing yoga at home without distractions. Do you prefer the studio or home yoga practice? Share your tips with us how you stay in the zone and inspire others to practice, too.

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