Partner yoga for power couples!

Partner yoga voor power koppels

Partner yoga for power couples!

You have probably heard of it or maybe even tried it. Partner yoga is not only great fun, it is also very good for relationships.

Think about it; your yoga practice is an act of love. A way of showing love and compassion to yourself. When you do it with your partner, you can share that love and compassion together! Duo yoga is not only fun to do in a love relationship. It is also good for friendships and fun to do together with colleagues, for example.

What is partner yoga exactly?

Partner yoga focuses on yoga poses you can do together. Actually, it’s not that different from a ‘normal’ yoga sequence. The asanas practiced in duo yoga can usually be performed alone as well.

During couple yoga, you focus on postures for which you need each other’s support. These can be yoga poses that are impossible to do alone, like double-downward facing dog (a downdog where you or your partner use the other’s back for support). They can also be yoga poses where you and your partner can help each other to get deeper into the pose. Like a warrior pose or twist. Do you want more of a challenge? Then maybe acroyoga is for you!

Not much is needed to start couples yoga. A yoga mat and comfy clothes are all you need!

The benefits of couples yoga

  1. Increases intimacy and trust

    Partner yoga is a great way to strengthen your relationships with people. Want to try it with your love relationship? Couples yoga helps to increase the intimacy between you and your partner. During the yoga poses, it is important to keep communicating and helping each other. This creates more trust and that can have a positive effect on your relationship. It’s about teamwork, and you learn to let go of your ego. Yoga with your partner allows you to go through the yoga poses mindfully where it’s all about the two of you.

  1. More self-awareness and depth in your yoga practice

    You can find more depth in your practice by doing it together! Your partner can help you with the alignment of your body in certain yoga poses. Partner yoga will deepen your stretches and core work. Your splits and forwards fold are suddenly more intense! Of course, it’s important to set your limits and not to push anything.

  1. Relax and have fun!

    Last but not least, partner yoga is a fun activity to do. A playful way to let go and just enjoy time to spend together. You discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and you can help each other without feeling pressure to perform. We are always busy all day with work and other appointments. Because of this, we sometimes forget to connect with the people around us. Duo yoga helps you to connect again.

Click here for a fun partner yoga online video

The benefits of partner meditation for you and your loved one

Couple meditation – like partner yoga – has many benefits. It may be a little strange to meditate together. It may feel uncomfortable to surrender yourself to it (we all know it’s quite difficult, even when you are alone πŸ˜‰). Yet, it is very good to be able to do this together. During meditation, you focus on your breath, and therefore you live in the moment. Because of this, you build a closer relationship with yourself and with the people around you. Increasing mindfulness results in fewer arguments. You become more zen, and you have better control of your emotions. With positive consequences for you and your partner.

Tip: Sit with your backs against each other. The warmth of your partner’s back creates a sense of connection and security. Close your eyes and make sure you are both relaxed and comfortable.

Make the breathing synchronous to melt together and find depth in the meditation. Not experienced with meditation? Start, for example, with 3 minutes and build that up slowly.

Do you still doubt whether meditation is something for you? Read here why meditation is definitely for you!

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