The Benefits of Bamboo Clothing: Why Bamboo Fabric is Comfortable, Stylish, and Sustainable

Man loopt in een duurzaam bamboe bos

Why Sustainable Bamboo Clothing is comfortable to wear

  • Bamboo viscose feels silky soft and comfortable: bamboo is a soft fabric that feels pleasant on the skin, making it ideal for bamboo sportswear.
  • Naturally antibacterial: bamboo fibres have natural antibacterial properties that combat odours and bacterial growth, making bamboo clothing perfect for everyday use.
  • Breathable material: bamboo fibres have a breathable structure that helps regulate moisture and temperature.
  • Hypoallergenic bamboo fabric: ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Thermoregulating properties: keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Sustainable Bamboo Viscose Feels Luxuriously Soft and is Hypoallergenic

If you are sensitive to itchy fabrics or have delicate skin, clothing made from bamboo will definitely be a match for you. Bamboo is hypoallergenic and has a fine, soft texture that makes you feel comfortable all day in your bamboo sportswear. Bamboo is one of the softest fabrics that is extra skin-friendly.

Gewichten in de sportschool
Bamboekleding is van nature anti-bacterieel en verkoelend, ideaal voor je work-out.

Bamboo Clothing is Naturally Antibacterial and Cooling, Perfect for Your Workout

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and a great natural dry-fit fabric, ensuring you don’t have to deal with sweaty armpits or unpleasant odours. Bamboo fibres have a hollow structure that lets the fabric quickly absorb moisture and prevent bacteria from spreading. Bamboo viscose is also less likely to take on dust and house mites.

Thermoregulating Bamboo Fabric

Clothing made from sustainable bamboo viscose can be worn all year round. It keeps you warm during the chilly moments and fresh during warmer moments, your yoga practices and workouts. This makes your bamboo shirts and bamboo pants incredibly versatile.

How Sustainable is Bamboo?

Bamboo is a source of sustainable material because:

  • Bamboo grows quickly
  • The plant grows vertically
  • Bamboo plants absorb a lot of CO2
  • Bamboo plants require little to no chemical inputs
  • The crop needs little water

Bamboo Plants Grow Very Quickly

Bamboo plants grow like crazy and are known as the fastest-growing plants. This makes them one of the most renewable crops in the world. Additionally, bamboo grows quickly in height, requiring less space for bamboo plantations. The plant also recovers easily after harvest.

Bamboo Absorbs More CO2 Than Other Plants

Bamboo excels at absorbing CO2 from the air. The carbon is stored in the plant’s stem and soil, serving as nourishment for other plants and microorganisms that keep the earth healthy. Using sunlight, bamboo converts CO2 back into oxygen, even 20 to 30% more efficiently than other crops.

Bamboo Requires Few Chemical Inputs to Grow

Unlike other crops, bamboo needs very few chemicals to grow well. It has a strong immune system that protects the plant from pests and diseases, requiring virtually no pesticides or insecticides.

Why Our Bamboo Clothing is Even More Sustainable

Not all bamboo fabrics are equally sustainable. Sometimes, a harmful production process is chosen, releasing pollutants into nature. As a sustainable yoga brand, we offer a selection of bamboo shirts for men made with OEKO-TEX SteP-certified Tanboocel. This is a bamboo viscose fibre produced through a closed-loop process. As the name suggests, this process is completely closed off. 100% of the chemicals used are recycled and cannot enter the environment, ensuring they do not come into contact with people or animals.

Additionally, our bamboo is grown in responsibly managed FSC-certified forests. Natural forests are not damaged in this process. By using this material, you can confidently purchase our sustainable bamboo clothing and take an easy step towards a more sustainable life.

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