Broga: yoga with power!

Broga: yoga for blokes

Yoga for men: also known as Broga

Yoga is often seen as something for women, while it is actually very good for men as well. Many men do sports that focus mainly on strength, while yoga has so many other benefits. Is a yoga class not your thing, but you still want to experience the benefits of a yoga practice? Then Broga might be the answer for you.

What exactly is Broga?

Yoga is good for everyone! There are different yoga styles, each with different benefits, so there’s something for everyone. Broga is a form of yoga that places more emphasis on strength and challenge. This form of yoga was created by former American football player Mat Miller. After years of suffering from injuries, he realised that his muscles were not flexible enough.

He developed yoga especially for men. This form of yoga focuses on mobility, flexibility, relaxation and building strength. It is, like other yoga forms, a good addition to an active lifestyle. Yoga lengthens the muscles and this prevents the risk of injuries during other sports. Broga is actually perfect for anyone looking for an active and challenging yoga flow.

What are the effects of Broga?

The Broga class combines exercises to strengthen your core and other muscles. It is a combination of cardio, muscle strength, and it works relaxing and reduces stress. So it is a good work-out in which you learn to breathe properly. By making better use of the oxygen in your body, you can breathe more consciously and deeply. During your practice you learn to relax and calm your thoughts, which creates peace in your mind.

What yoga clothes do you wear to a broga or yoga class?

This form of yoga is active, so it’s wise to wear yoga clothing that is airy and moves well. Our Yoga Shorts Chi for men offer freedom of movement. The crotch is lowered, so you can easily move through all postures.

Looking for an airy yoga shirt? Our yoga tank top Moksha:  is extra long! So when you raise your arms during your poses, the tank top stays firmly in place.

Make sure you wear yoga clothing you feel comfortable in. Then you can be sure to get the most out of your broga class!

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