Find peace and rest with the iRest method

find peace and rest with the iRest method

Relax by practising the iRest method “Sleep is important” is something we’ve all been told thousands of times. Something equally important is rest. Most people find it difficult to stop with what they are doing and genuinely take the time to rest. What they might not realize, is that resting has the same benefits as […]

Building muscles with yoga: yoga has it all

Building muscles with yoga

Building muscles, mindfulness, stretching and more  There are many different preconceptions about yoga. Some consider it an intense practice, others see it as a light form of exercise. Well, it’s definitely not a light form. Jeffrey van Opzeeland, yoga teacher and founder of yoga centre Yogi Heroes, told us more about his vision of the […]

Starting with yoga in the most zen way


Starting with yoga starts with yourself Relieving back pain, more peace in your mind, a more flexible body, or a spiritual journey? The reason for stepping on the yoga mat for the first time can vary from person to person. In any case, it is good that you are starting with yoga. As long as […]

Mastering anxiety with the practices of yoga


Introducing James Reeves’ 8-part programme, with practices and techniques for both the body and the mind. Set yourself free from anxiety. If you have feelings of anxiety, then you are not alone. A recent study conducted by the Douglas Mental Health University Institute associated anxiety to our fast-paced 21st -century social living. Being alive in our modern […]

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